Demo Presentations in Customer Facility
CTR Citir Agro performs product applications in your own facility to
illustrate the results with your very equipments. In this way the
optimal preparation time settings and topnotch sequels of process
are shown in practice.

Widespread Distribution Network
CTR Citir Agro is executing active distribution more than 700
points by 2014. All deliveries are accomplishing fast and on time
so customer satisfaction criterion's achievements outcome
is top-level.

Training & Counseling Services
CTS Citir Agro provides continous training courses and seminars to
its customers and partners. Also we render manufacture counseling
to bakeries and patisseries for high quality, efficient and low-cost
production technologies/applications.

Private Labeling
CTR Citir Agro has possession of an advanced process management
system of supply and manufacturing for specific product demands of
customers. With our selected best of class solutions, any requirement of
private labeling product will meet your needs.

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