CTR Citir Agro, founded in 2013 born from a
blend of high-tech production equipments,
qualified labor and best result aiming
apprehension for providing the great old tastes
to your tables again that we remember from
past with improver methods. Our management approach is upholding our core values of
modesty, respect and proximity to people,
being socially responsible and managing
according to the principles of corporate

Our Vision is introducing traditional Turkish
savors to other countries, represent Turkish
products and food sector and become one of
the leader companies in the international
market arena.

Our Mission is becoming one of the pioneer
enterprises and set new standarts to the
Turkish food sector meanwhile improve the
qualified production level of food sector.

Based on the accepted core values of modesty,
respect and proximity to people, CTR regards
basing all corporate conduct on the awareness
of social responsibility as an unchangeable core component of its management approach. We
expect all of our establishments that constitute
CTR to manage the economic, social and
environmental impact of their actions with
responsibility and to place priority on the
development of society.

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